Sports Complex

B22 Sports Complex is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers, educates, and equips youth and adults with the lifelong benefits of exercise, sports and nutritional training. We have constructed an outdoor beach sand court which has hosted games and tournaments of volleyball and Hoover Ball. We are working to provide a weightlifting facility, cardio center, indoor soccer, sports performance facility, batting and pitching cages, and outdoor fields for tee ball, baseball, soccer, and football.

Along with our outdoor beach sand court, we are in the process of setting up outdoor weightlifting rigs under our new Pavilion. We have ordered state of the art Rogue equipment for this outdoor workout facility. We are in the process of constructing an indoor (railed/handicapped) walking/jogging track. The facility will be equipped with cardio and boxing equipment. We have acquired an additional structure which will be used as an indoor soccer and sports performance facility. We plan to have drop down batting and pitching cages in this facility.

Our outdoor fields will be designed for tee ball, baseball, softball, soccer and football. Our goal is to also construct a park with playground equipment and a splash pad for children to enjoy. Our goal is to provide a campus where people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy and stay physically active and mobile. We want to serve our entire community in all areas of health, wellness, and fitness.