We tend to say, “Tomorrow, I will become more physically active." As we age, staying active is not simply about exercising and maintaining our health; it is also about preserving our mobility, independence, well-being, and our quality of life. B22 offers a program for anyone who is 60 and older to join our Coffee Club.

For only $30.00 per month, anyone 60 or over can join our Coffee Club and have access to all of our gym facilities. We have group training and yoga classes. We are in the process of adding an indoor air conditioned walking/jogging track, which will be equipped with handicapped rails around the perimeter of the track. The facility will be equipped with cardio and boxing equipment. We are working towards contracting with medical experts to also offer physical therapy and cardiac rehab at this facility. We are committed to offering everyone the opportunity to have a facility, equipment, services, and coaching that will support a healthy and active lifestyle.