Chesed House

Chesed House is a 501c3 organization that offers an internship program for ladies who have completed a life-controlling or substance abuse program.

We offer transitional housing, job training and education on our B22 campus. Our interns work on campus and assist in event planning and hosting, coaching, grounds maintenance and care, property renovation and construction, marketing and community development. Chesed House volunteers also work with ladies from Louisiana Adult and Teen Challenge to provide a place for working out and recreation. Chesed House hosts in our B22 auditorium Christian camps, conferences,  movies and events. Chesed House is in the process of renovating the old school cafeteria and will work to open Mended Grounds Coffee Shop, Cafe and Catering on campus. It is the goal of Chesed House to eventually grow our own vegetables for preparation and cooking in the cafe. We will also partner with our community to host Farmer’s Markets and festivals. Chesed House is in the process of renovating apartments on campus to house additional interns who will join our ministry. Please contact us if you would like to donate time or financial resources to assist our ministry.