Spartan Coaching

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." -Fred Devito

If you want to push yourself past your limits, see what you are capable of, or compete in the fastest growing sport in the world, then Spartan is for YOU! With the intent of pulling millions of people off their couches into mud, over walls, and out of their comfort zones, Spartan created an obstacle course race like no other. Racers will test their mental, physical, and emotional grit to conquer every obstacle that comes their way on the course and in everyday life. 

Do we have your attention yet? Then we have a place for you! Our Spartan SGX certified coach, Caleb Funderburk, will lead you through a training program to ensure you have the strength and endurance to succeed in a Spartan race. Participants will crawl, jump, climb, run, and everything in between to prepare for the life-changing event. The Spartan program is not just to build better athletes, but to build better humans. The lessons you will learn and the mindset you will develop will bleed over into every aspect of your life, giving you the discipline to face anything life throws your way! AROO!

"After I jumped the fire to cross my first finish line, I said to myself 'I am a Spartan!'" Coach Caleb said about his experience with Spartan. "It gave me a boost in confidence like nothing else ever had. After months of intense training, I was able to see what I could accomplish... and I wanted MORE! The mindset I had developed to never quit and face every challenge with all I had was applied to everything I did. I was more confident in my daily life and was even better at my job. Then Spartan announced the SGX Coaching program. When I saw that I could get certified to help others build self-confidence by doing what they thought was impossible, I knew I had to turn this passion into a career. Aroo!"